Fazenda Cascavel



Country: Brazil
Region: Various
Altitude: 800 – 1,100 masl
Varietal: Mixed Heirloom
Process: Natural
Notes: Apple, Peach, Milk Chocolate

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Product Description

Due to Brazil’s distinct dry and wet seasons, the flowering and cherry maturation is homogeneous. This allows harvesting of the coffee via the strip picking method mechanically.

Although under-ripe and overripe cherries are also harvested, the cherries are then carefully processed by hand processed which easily removes the coffee cherries which are under or overripe.

Ripe coffee is picked using a derricadeira – a mechanized rake that uses vibration to gently harvest only the ripest cherries from trees.
A tarp is spanned between coffee trees to capture the ripe cherries as they fall.

Our Cascavel has been selected based on its juicy fruity profile.
This Natural is dried on large patios under sun & the coffee is raked and turned regularly to ensure even drying and a clean cup profile is delivered.

Additional information

Grind type:

Whole Beans, Coarse (Filter), Medium (Aeropress), Fine (Espresso)


250g, 500g, 1kg

About Our Coffee

Our coffee selection is carefully curated, sourced from a network of trusted suppliers with a commitment to both quality and sustainability in their green coffee beans. These suppliers share our values, ensuring that our coffee aligns with responsible practices and ethical supply chains.

The magic takes place at our roastery in Wood Green, London. Our skilled roasters use their expertise to draw out the nuanced flavors that define our coffee. Each cup offers a journey through coffee-growing regions, each with its own story and distinctive characteristics.

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